Frequently Asked Questions
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• How much does a trail cost? 
Our most common price is about $8,000-$65,000 per mile depending on the number of turns, steepness of the terrain and amount of brush and the level of finish desired.  If your land is sloped less than 30% or you are willing do accomplish the finish work yourself the price can be less.

• How far will we travel?

We have gone as far as Jamaica, but most of your work has been in California and Nevada.

• What sets Trailscape apart?
what sets us apart is we consider ourselves artists that weave the trail like a ribbon on the land. What we do is beauty to behold! At the same time we understand what it take to fashion a trail that will last for decades.

• What if my land is flat?
The steeper the land the more you need Trailscape inc. because our equipment can work there. If your land is really flat just about any tractor will do. In 5-20% terrain our costs go way down and we can provide you with a trail at very low cost per mile.

• What if I have lots of rock?
It depends on the rock, boulders in soil is easy for our equipment, as is fractured rock. Hard pan, rocks in steep and rocks in trees can be tough, we usually avoid rock but if we must go through it we will either estimate a price or propose an hourly rate.

• How steep is "too steep" terrain?
We have cut trail as steep as 110%, steeper is more expensive per foot but also more dramatic. Steep and rocky can be challenging.

• What about brush cover?
Depends on the brush and how you would like it disposed of, cut and cast is less expensive than brush mastication but mastication makes it pretty much disappear.

• Do you have to visit my property for me to get an estimate?
No and yes. I will usually do a preliminary estimate from talking to you and looking at your property in Google Earth. When we meet and before we start we will have an agreed lump sum or unit price.

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  How it Works    (It is surprisingly easy - for you!)
 Step 1 - Let's Talk
Cost: Free
Tell me your dreams about what you would like to do on your trail. Is it for fun or function? Is it for strolling, running, hiking, bicycling even accessible. Where do you want to go?
 Step 2 - Preliminary Plan
Cost: Free
I will take your address, find your parcel on Google Earth, estimate the property lines from public records and give you a preliminary plan and estimate of cost.
Step 3 - Meet Your Budget 
Cost: Free
We will adjust the preliminary scope to meet your budget. We can do anything from a rough cut and let you handle the brush and trail finish to an estate finish job. We can also phase your trail so you can do a little at time.  
Step 4 - On-Site Design 
Cost: $100 per 0.10 mile
When you decide to you think you want a trail it is time to meet and have us do and in-field design. When we are done you will have a trail flagged on your land that will show you where the trail will be. There is a lot of knowledge that goes into your deign and when we are done you might choose to build the trail yourself or choose to have us build it based on our firm estimate of what your trail investment will be.
 Step 5 - Build The Trail
Cost: According to Your Budget
Stand back and watch us work. It generally takes us about a week to build a mile of trail. Once finished, we will tour your trail and discuss the best ways to keep your trail in good condition for use many years to come!
 Steps 6,7,8,9,10.... Enjoy! Enjoy your trail for decades to come! Our trails are made for a variety of uses including hiking, biking, horseback riding and off-road vehicles to continue to meet your family's needs as the years go by.  
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