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We approach trail design as a blend of art and science. The art part is to make it so beautiful that the trail will beacon you outdoors. The science part is the the trick of the trade to make a dirt trail last for decades.

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“Execution is the chariot of genius” William Blake
We are able to translate lines on a plan and flags on trees and transform a rugged landscape into a meandering, beckoning path. While we consider the design art the construction is applying the art of trail design to a durable trail surface that will last for decades.
Specializing in...
• Custom Winery Trails
• Trails - Mtn Bike, Horse, Hiking, etc.
• Private landowner trails
• Sustainable Trails
• Assessible Trails
• Trail Design and Planning
• Trail Contruction
• Trail Conservation
Mechanical Brush Clearing
Trailscape offers a cost effective way to process and clear large land parcels with flat to gently sloping ranges. Our professional equipment is designed to mow and shred brush from blackberries, Poison Oak, Manzanita, small scrub trees and tall grasses. From clearing build sites to removing ground fuels for home fire safety - we can turn your overgrown property into a safe and usable space. Learn more »
 Featured Project: Mount Shasta Gateway Trail

One of our favorites, seven miles of trail in the foothills of Mount Shasta just behind the high school. This is a flowy bicycle oriented trail that is hopefully just the beginning of a full network of trails for this intimate little town.
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