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From the Founder of Trailscape, Inc. - Randy Martin...

My sporting interests have one primary thing in common, they are all about moving within a landscape. I ran cross country in college and have continued through my adult life. I have been a mountain bicyclist since the early 80’s and an avid snow skier and ski coach. What these sports have developed in me is a keen sense of how a trail should flow. A trail subtly guides a person’s eyes toward what I want them to see, a beautiful oak, a vista, unusual rock outcropping, it is like a tour of Creation. The associates at Trailscape, Inc. have been chosen based on a similar passion and have been trained to find a similar flow.

Through these experiences, we also understand how to climb to a summit or down to a waterway in a way that delights the users so a trail that is manageable for the aged will also be fun for the mountain cyclist.
Trailscape, Inc. has perfected the art of building a trail so it is affordable, sustainable and artful by combining skill with specialized trail building equipment and a "can do" motivation that turns what might take months into days.

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