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Trail in a field on a mountain


At Trailscape, we firmly believe the above statement which is why we do what we do! We are:

  • passionate about connecting people to their land and nature.

  • protecting families, homes and properties from fire.

  • providing a legacy for current and future generations to enjoy.


There is something about trail building and we can’t quite put our finger on it. We’ve been doing this since 2008 and we still get excited with every new build. The process of taking untamed land and subduing it is in our blood. We love the challenge of it. We love the art of it. Heck, we even like it when the dozer breaks and we have to figure out how to get it out of the woods. We are robust yet also sensitive as we interface with people and the environment. 


We work with the land to make it better, more usable, resistant to fire, and welcoming to friends and family. We love how trails connect people. They connect them to nature, with one another and with The Creator of All.

When hiring, we start with good, solid, people of integrity who also know how to build trail and overcome challenges. Our experienced crews embody a passion for their work. It is our hope that through building our client's dream trail, we can grow a long term relationship and at the same time leave them with a legacy to enjoy.



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Randy Martin, owner of Trailscape, and his dog running on a trail


Randy is the mastermind behind Trailscape. His sporting interests have one primary thing in common, they are all about moving within a landscape. He ran cross country in college and has continued through his adult life. He has been a mountain bicyclist since the early 80’s and an avid snow skier and coach. What these sports have developed in him is a keen sense of how a trail should flow. A trail subtly guides a person’s eyes toward what we want them to see, a beautiful oak, a vista, unusual rock outcropping, it is like a tour of Creation. The associates at Trailscape, Inc. have been chosen based on a similar passion and have been trained to find a similar flow.

Through these experiences, we also understand how to climb to a summit or down to a waterway in a way that delights the users so a trail that is manageable for the aged will also be delightful for the mountain cyclist.

Trailscape, Inc. has perfected the art of building a trail so it is sustainable and artful by combining skill with specialized trail building equipment and a "can do" motivation that turns what might take months into days.

Meet The Owner
Our Trailbuilders
A trailbuilder on a tractor building a trail through trees and brush


Our trail builders are artists as much as they are technicians. Our clients love our trail builders almost as much as they love our trails.

Bryan DeVross_edited.jpg



Bryan has a passion for connecting people and nature through outdoor experiences that create memories for eternity. By helping landowners steward their land in a way through creating and maintaining world class trails that provide these types of connections, he is fulfilling what he believes he was created to do. He is blessed with an incredible wife and two teenagers who also love the outdoors!

Since joining the Trailscape Team in 2019, Bryan with his entrepreneurial spirit has helped develop creative marketing strategies, a full-service trail maintenance department & special events like the “Private Trail Showing Event” as seen here: Private Trail Showing (

His years of leadership in outdoor recreation from working on staff with a non-profit organization, to his experience as a professional hunting and fishing guide, has helped him thrive here at Trailscape & he looks forward to wherever the next trail may lead!

Shane Morgan_edited.jpg



Shane is a certified industrial electrician, since 2011, which lead him to becoming a heavy equipment technician, operator, and logistics manager. For over 10 years, he has worked in the heavy equipment industry, material handling, and land conservation. Open trails have always been an important part of his life, as a hiker/biker enthusiast. He grew up enjoying the trails of Tahoe's National Forest. With Trailscape, he has found an opportunity to share that enjoyment by helping build trails for others to enjoy. My role in the company is to prepare and assist our crews for success by maintaining and gathering the equipment needed for however difficult the trail may be to build.


Morgan Rudd_edited.jpg



Morgan’s love for the trail was cultivated in the Maine woods, around the age of 2 when he began skiing with his parents. Adapting to the seasonal climate in the Northeast, he spent his summers on his bmx bike. He began building his own trails and jumps at the age of 5 and never stopped.


He attended Sierra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe and pursued a degree in Ecology. While studying, he found a job at Northstar ski resort in Truckee, catapulting a career in building trail. He spent winters at Northstar building snowboard parks, grooming trails, making snow; and summers doing trail maintenance, re-vegetation and bike park builds. He continued to work for the ski/mountain bike industry, building at Northstar in California, Sunday River in Maine, and the X Games in Aspen. Some of his favorite builds include Frozen Rush at Sunday River, the first ever Pro-4 Series Truck Race on snow, and The Enduro World Series at Northstar for which he won the golden shovel award. He began working with Trailscape in 2020. The rewards of seeing a happy customer accessing a part of their property for the first time are his favorite part of the job. In his spare time Morgan loves exploring Sonoma County with his wife Ali and his 2 rescue dogs Scout & Aspen.

Erik Allen_edited.jpg



Erik is happily married to his beautiful wife Katie. Together they have two boys, Canyon and Cru. He has had a passion for trails all his life. As a kid he would spend his time hiking, biking, and even building trails around the house and throughout the neighborhoods.

After high school he served in the United States Navy, then attended a small Bible college in West Virginia. He studied theology and recreational camping ministries. He worked as a professional adventure guide for many years and developed a deep appreciation for trails. Not only the value of access but holistically as well.


He loves building trails to areas that were previously inaccessible, but his true excitement, prayer, and motivation, is thinking that someday when a homeowner or a guest is walking on a trail that they get more than just exercise but maybe they even have a spiritual experience. Being outside, breathing fresh air, walking about, alone with one’s thoughts on a beautiful trail… that is what it’s about for Erik.

David Falldin_edited.jpg



David is an adventurer. He combines his love for the great outdoors in crafting thoughtful trails that connect others to nature. His work focuses on striking a perfect balance between providing unforgettable outdoor experiences while preserving the natural environment for generations to come.


David grew up in Edina, Minnesota. He spent with his father fishing and hunting. He moved west to study forestry, dendrology, and environmental science at the University of Montana. After college he became a heavy equipment operator in North Dakota. Then he went to Lake Tahoe where he became a skilled snowmaker & snowcat operator at Northstar ski resort. From there, he landed in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. Eventually he made his way back to the west coast where he began building trail. David has been building trails all over California for over two years. 

Jeff Larson_edited.jpg


Jeffrey Larson was born and raised outside Chicago. He is a 4th generation miner specializing in limestone, sand and gravel. He began operating equipment around the age 12 and working in the mine. He learned every job and every piece of equipment. He continued to work at the mine when he had time off at the University of Nevada in Reno where he studied public health.


After graduating he began working in the terrain parks at Northstar California. He split his seasons by operating a snow cat in the winter, working up to swing shift lead and lead jump builder. In the summer he ran an excavator in the bike park building jumps, berms, and creative features.


He has been a lead trail builder with Trailscape since 2020. He has been able to build custom trails for each individual client and show off what a lifetime of operating equipment mixed with a passion for outdoor lifestyle can create.


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