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Private Trail Showing

Experience this event with over two miles of trail on a 44 acre vineyard estate in Sonoma!

Two people on a trail in the woods

Our first Private Trail Showing was a success! It was a gorgeous day to be with guests and their families on this 44 acre private vineyard estate in the heart of Sonoma. We spent time out on the trail, caught up with one another, enjoyed local wine and beer, shared a meal together and enjoyed a slower pace.

On this particular acreage, we transformed the steep and inaccessible land into an enjoyable experience and firesafe property. Oftentimes our clients can't believe their property could be hospitable for a trail, but for us, we get excited for a challenge! We uncover hidden views, discover unique outcroppings and build something to be treasured for generations to come.

Before and after photos of overgrown land and a trail

Furthermore, our trails act as an effective firebreak frequently stopping flames in their tracks. Properties that have trails, are often prioritized when battling a blaze because firefighters can access the land quickly, resulting in a higher success rate of homes and structures being saved. For more details on trails as firebreaks, check out this post.

A unique aspect of the event was the opportunity to learn how to become a citizen scientist with the Trail Camera Project. The Living with Lions trail camera project uses cameras placed on private properties to collect visual data on mountain lions in Sonoma and Napa counties, as well as add to our region’s understanding of overall wildlife diversity. Check out more wildlife caught on trail cameras here.

Pumpkin with thank you tag in front of fall foliage in a bottle with woods in the background

We are grateful to have a community with a shared vision of connecting people back to the land, protecting them from fire and building a legacy to leave behind for future generations.

Keep in mind if you currently have a trail and would like to have Trailscape coordinate a Private Trail Showing on your property, please reach out to us via email or phone call. And don't forget, as past clients you can be a part of our trail maintenance program, in which we keep your trail in great shape all year. Or should you or someone you know be interested in building a trail, please share our contact information and we will put together a custom plan.

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