Auburn, CA Grandkids  -  A great way to attract your grandkids to your home.

Bay Area, CA  -  Bay Area: A trail for a disabled person. 

Calistoga Ranch Trail - This is a premier resort that had mediocre and rather difficult trails. We added trails that lazily meander the landscape and made nature accessible to those that might not be the most robust hiker.

Courage Worldwide Trail - A trail with heart. This trail was donated by Trailscape inc to Courage House, a place for underage girls who were rescued from Sex trafficking. They walk, run and ride horses as part of their healing process.

FitCourse Trails - We occasionally have a client that wants a trail to be a full body workout.

Genoa, NV Hiking Trail - One of the toughest assignments to date. This trail is a 14 mile decent from Genoa Summit above Minden, Nevada to the little town of Genoa. It is built through Steep and rocky terrain with dozens of switchbacks, some of which were built on 90% slopes with Sutter retaining walls. The views are dramatic!

Jamaica Trail - Randy was invited to be a guest trail builder in Jamaica for Global Conservation , a group of bicyclists that have been securing vast tracts of land worldwide for the enjoyment of members and locals We built two miles of flowy bicycle trail!

San Diego, CA Developer Trail - As part of a developer agreement the owners were required to build a trail. We located the trail in a way that gives access to residents without compromising the privacy of the homes.

Santa Cruz, CA County Vineyard - This was our steepest job yet with slopes often over 100% through dense forest.

Mount Shasta Gateway Trail - One of our favorites: seven miles of trail in the foothills of Mount Shasta just behind the high school. This is a flowy bicycle oriented trail that is hopefully just the beginning of a full network of trails for this intimate little town!

Sugar Bowl Ski Area - We designed and built 6 miles of trail at Sugar Bowl Ski Area. Part of the trail connects Disney Lodge to Lake Mary so now people can make a trek that not only connects those important amenities but it also delivers the walker to the Pacific Crest Trail as it heads over Donner Summit.