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2021 Reflection | 2022 Excitement

At the end of each year, we take time to reflect on what has gone well, what could go differently and how do we want the future to look. As we looked back back, we realized that 2021 has been a fantastic year!

One of the most exciting happenings, here at Trailscape, has been our growth! We have had the opportunity to expand and hire new incredible people. We have a philosophy: Start with good solid people, people with integrity.

Shane is our new full-time mechanic. He has changed my life for the better because he can repair damange to our equipment and keep everything running in tip top shape. You may not realize this, but trail building is hard on equipment and Shane has the critical job of helping us to run smoothly. In fact, he is so good at his job that he, not me, now prepares the trailers for jobs and even hauls equipment to job sites. He’s been a game changer.

In addition to Shane, we hired Morgan from Northstar ski area. Roughly, five years ago I happened to notice a crew working on trails in Tahoe. I stopped and gave Morgan my card. At the time, he wasn’t ready to make a move but kept my card. A few years later he called me up! He has great construction skills and is an excellent manager. Of the 20 people Morgan managed at Northstar, we have now their top five members at Trailscape.

Erik is not a new hire, but has been with us about eight years. His hard work, talent and motivation keep raising the bar for the whole crew with every trail finish he attains. It is evident that without Erik we wouldn't see this high of numbers in 2021.

In 2022, we are hoping to add a crew in Montana! We have a Montana trail builder that has been coming out to California for a couple months in the spring every year. However, instead of bringing him from Montana, we're working on building a crew to be based there! Can't wait to see what beautiful trails will be designed and built out there.

On top of our good people and crew in Montana, I have to note that we averaged 3 and 1/2 Crews and are looking to develop another crew in 2022. This additional crew will help us grow another 20% in distance and revenue.

Of course, sometimes it's the little things that can make a good year... 7 years ago we widened our trails to 5 feet to accommodate brush mastication equipment that clears brush along the trail. We found a supplier of a smaller masticator that allows us to go back to a 4' wide trail. The narrower trails feels a bit more intimate.

In closing, I think the biggest accomplishment at Trailscape isn't based on numbers or machinery. It is how many people are being blessed by our trail, both clients and crewmates. Customers can use and enjoy land that was previously accessible or an eye sore. In addition, they have an added layer of protection from wildfires. All of the people here at Trailscape, whether employees or consultants, get to share the revenue while at the same time helping to make the world a better place.

Randy Martin

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