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Breaking Ground: Navigating Change In Business and Life

Like the leaves that gracefully shift with the winds of change, so do our lives and businesses. It's natural to feel a bit unsure when change is on the horizon, but we can choose to find gratitude in the beauty that change brings. This shift presents an opportunity to grow and improve. Keep reading to find out how we're expanding as well as a resource for navigating change in a business that feels like family.

Trailscape crew at dinner

As many of you know, we hire good people at Trailscape. Our team is a tight-knit family that shares the same values and always goes above and beyond. That's why it's with mixed emotions that we have to say goodbye to our incredible lead trailbuilder, Morgan Rudd. He is packing up his family and moving across the country!

Baby Flurry

Morgan, Ali, and their adorable nine-month-old, Flurry, are packing their bags and braving a move from sunny California to a place that's as close to Norway as the U.S. can get. It's a big switch-up in terms of climate and location, but they've got a silver lining: family ties. Both sets of Flurry's grandparents and great-grandparents are eagerly awaiting their arrival, ready to shower them with love and home comforts.

One of the key factors in hiring at Trailscape is to find people who want to pour into the business as well as have a vested interest in its success. Morgan is the perfect example of this! He already had a bond with three of our A-team trail builders, who followed him from Northstar Ski Resort to join the Trailscape crew. These three trailblazers had years of experience building trails and now we get to benefit from their experience and skills for our builds. In a recent blog post, we highlighted how we “get through the tough stuff," where we featured a kit called the “Sierra Blaster.” It provides drill bits, minor explosives, and a special head that electronically explodes powerful little firecrackers. Morgan was the one who spearheaded that initiative and it has paid off big time! Now, we can get through even the toughest rock in Sonoma. It’s easier on equipment and saves our clients money.

Once again, Morgan shows up as innovative, creative, and thoughtful for both our clients and our company. It is for this reason that we are hoping to launch a new division of Trailscape on the east coast! We're excited for the opportunity and look forward to the challenges that may come our way. However, with Morgan on our team, we know we're being represented by one of the best! I mean checkout this adorable video of Flurry giggles...he's just the best!

With that being said, navigating change in business and life is an important skill to master. After running this business for many years and building hundreds of miles of trails, I have learned to embrace the inevitability of change. This article from Inc. magazine, highlights 3 important tips that I feel can apply to any business during any season of change:

1. Find comfort in the uncomfortable.

This is where growth and grit are formed, both of which are needed to run and operate a successful business.

2. Lean into new ideas.

As you know, I'm no spring chicken. I have found that when I am open to learning something new, listening to my team and clients, as well as being curious about new opportunities there are benefits beyond what I could have imagined myself. It takes a team.

3. Examine your leader mindset.

Regardless of whether you want it or not, being a business owner means you must take on the role of leader. Even if it feels unnatural to you. Take some time to reflect and again lean in to those new opportunities. So without further ado, I hope this blog post helps you to feel more eager for change and to embrace the good people of your business and life...because you never know when things will change.

Farewell, Morgan, Ali and Flurry. We will miss you! But, we promise to come visit! Wishing you all the best!

- Randy and your Trailscape Family!

Trailscape Crew

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