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The Art of Fashioning Turns

While building trails, we are passionate about creating turns that give the user the ultimate experience!

Randy discusses his passion for turns in this video and explains how Trailscape carefully plans the trail's turns to delight users. Skiers and mountain bikers are aware of the distinction between a turn that has been strategically placed and thought out and one that has been recklessly thrown together. While an amateur turn is more likely to send the user flying into the trees than down the mountain for an exciting or fun ride, a perfect turn will guide the user out and onto the next portion of the ride effortlessly.

Check out this BEFORE video where Randy pretends to be a bike around a turn! We think you'll learn a little and laugh a little...

A new chair lift mountain biking trail was recently completed thanks to a recent collaboration with Dodge Ridge Ski Resort. Nearly 5 miles long and made up of beginner to lower-intermediate terrain, this path has lots of Freeride rollers and banks (turns). The first of numerous planned trails is this one. All trails will descend from the top of Motherlode Chairlift 3 at the 7,400 foot elevation and traverse out across the mountain.

You can see the completed turn that Randy was running around in the video below, as well as see how the riders get propelled around and out of the turn with their momentum. This mountain biking trail now has a completely new degree of flow thanks to these finished turns.

Keep checking back for updates as we add more intermediate-to-advanced trails throughout the summer and into the fall, with a total of about 9 miles planned for this season. For updates, you can follow Dodge Ridge on Facebook or Instagram or by subscribing to Trailscape emails.

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