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San Francisco Chronicle: "Real Estate Buzz - New Amenities Packages" 

By Lew Sichelman - October 2008


{Excerpt} "Natural surface trails are the highest impact, lowest cost amenity a community developer can provide," said Martin, president of Trailscape in Costa Mesa (Orange County). Better yet, he reports, there's a "mass market" for them. "The market is huge and it's ripe. It's an amenity 80 percent of buyers say they want."

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BUILDERnews: "Natural Surface Trails - Now the most popular amenity"

By Randy Martin - April 2008


{Excerpt} "Research indicates 78 percent of homebuyers want walking and biking paths whereas only 22 percent want a golf course."

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Orange County Register: "Trails Top Survey on Home Amenities"

By Heather Ignatin - December 2006


{Excerpt} "All the villages being planned and developed now have trails that are part of them - either through them or adjacent to them," said Joe Davis, president of the Irvine Community Development Co., the Irvine Co.'s land-development arm. "It's one of the single biggest things that drives people to want to buy homes here. We can't get things built fast enough."

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