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We build trails that make inaccessible land enjoyable and fire resistant.


...a premier and professional trail contractor. At Trailscape we customize and build trails for private land owners who want to leave a legacy for their families to enjoy for generations to come. Our experienced crews specialize in uncovering breathtaking vistas, enjoyable meanders and give access to formerly impassible land. We are also experts at using our trail builds to double as fire breaks that protect our client's family, home and property from fire.

Flame of a fire

Protect your family, home and property from the devastating impact of fire.

Enjoy your property by accessing  impassible land.

Create lifelong memories for current and future generations.

Small lake with a rainbow and mountains in the background with a trail being built on the hillside by a tractor


Not only do we build private trails, but also public and recreational trails for everyone! Whether you enjoy taking leisurely strolls, hiking for fun, running for exercise, or seeking thrills on a bike...Trailscape has you covered! With over 350+ miles of trails built, we know how to expertly craft, design and build specific to your needs and desires.


"We bought a property with a house and a lot hilly wooded area. The immediate vicinity of the house was accessible but the vast majority of the property was totally inaccessible – the bush too thick and the slope to steep. In wine country forest needs to be curated to mitigate fire season which was totally impossible to do. Randy and his team designed a trail system that allows us to hike around and we discovered creeks and waterfalls and giant trees that have become some of our favorite picnic spots. The trail system also allows us to create thoughtful fire breaks and have access to remote parts of the property to be able to clear some of the underbrush and protect the trees. Randy and his team listen, are discrete, work quickly and efficiently. We would recommend them to any land owner. They are magicians."



When you are out on the trail there are many times when you have an inspiring or funny tale to tell or you capture nature at it's finest or you have a memorable experience and you just want to tell someone who "gets it!" WE are your people! WE are your adventures, trailblazers, nature lovers, meditators, yogis, grandparents, CEOs...and more! Check out our Trailscape crews and clients moments below. 

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