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Planning A Party on the Path: How Trails are the New Way to Host Unforgettable Events.

Today Instagram and TikTok seem to dominate people's time and ideas. Influencer accounts appear to be an infinite well of inspiration. However, despite the ongoing social media craze, Trailscape remains committed to its roots and chooses to find inspiration in nature. It is through time spent on the trail, conversing with clients, designing and building trails through land that was once impassible, we have come to the realization that hosting events on the trail could become the next big trend! Whether it's small private gatherings, corporate retreats, client appreciation events, or adrenaline-pumping adventures, we offer all the essentials for a distinctive and unforgettable party on the path!

Private event hosted on a 40 acre vineyard estate with over two miles of trail near Sonoma, California.
Private event hosted on a 40 acre vineyard estate with over two miles of trail near Sonoma, California.

Our primary business is designing and constructing trails for clients on their private property. Our trails allow families to explore their land fully, reach previously inaccessible areas, and establish effective firebreaks. What you might not be aware of is our expertise in organizing and managing events on these trails as well.

One of our largest events, near Sonoma, was on a 40-acre vineyard estate with more than two miles of trail. The event featured hiking, socializing by the pool, outdoor games, an educational wildlife demonstration, local wine and craft beer tastings, and a catered meal. Check out this beautiful overview of the day!

Private Trail Events

Following the success of our initial trail events, we are thrilled to announce that we are ready to launch this experience to our current clients and potential clients. It is our mission to create and organize memorable, unique, and custom private events that fully compliment and enhance the beauty and fun that nature has already provided for us. We truly desire for our events to be the inspiration behind a new found curiosity with the environment, an eagerness to be immersed in nature, and share the joy with those around you.

We have meticulously planned a wide range of events, but also welcome new and innovative ideas! It is our passion to create!

Charcuterie table for private events

Private Gatherings

  • Family & Friend Special Occasion Celebrations ~ Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties.

  • House and Trail Warming Events ~ Invite your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors to enjoy your new home and/or new trail. We can plan as big or small as you can imagine.

  • Neighborhood, Church, or Local Community Gatherings ~ Host a lovely neighborhood or church picnic, Bible study, men's retreat, or women's getaway.

  • Intimate and Personalized Culinary Experiences ~ Chef prepared dinners and wine tastings.

  • Fundraisers ~ 5K Walk/Hike/Run/Benefit that may include lunch, dinner, or appetizers.

Wine tasting at a private trail event.

Corporate Events

  • Team Building Retreat ~ Hike, Ride, Train/Plan/Bond, Food and Refreshments.

  • Lunch and Learn ~ Invitation to potential prospects and networks to learn, connect, grow, and develop.

  • Networking ~ Industry Professionals, Clients and/or Vendors.

  • Client Appreciation ~ Dinner under the stars, Happy hour with local craft beer and wine offerings, Family fun outing.

Ebike on the trail

Adrenaline-Pumping Adventure

  • Mountain Bike & E-Bike Adventure Tours, Rentals Provided

  • ATV Trail & Outdoor Education Tours, Field Trips

  • Glamping Experiences (RV’s, Mobile Tiny Homes & Platform Tents)

  • Nature Treasure Hunting, Geocaching Fun, Nighttime Exploration

How To Plan Your Next Party on the Path

Select an idea from our provided list above or imagine your own experience to share with us! The Trailscape team is honored to assist you in planning the perfect party on the path or outdoor trail gathering for you, regardless of its size! We are your comprehensive partner in hospitality for crafting a private trail adventure that will be cherished by you and all your attendees. From setting up the event site and trail, to sending out invitations, providing entertainment, catering, and handling clean-up, we are here to support you in creating last memories!

For inquiries about planning and pricing your trail event, please reach out to Bryan DeVorss at 916-276-1214 or

The Trailscape Crew

Contact Us

After reading this blog and dreaming about fully experiencing your land and protecting what you love most by way of a trail, please contact us here, (530) 852-5155, or email We will design a custom trail to suit your land, family, and budget. We also have a full service maintenance team who will keep your trail in the best shape year round!


For those of you who already have a trail on your property, if you're interested in having your trail maintained for free remember when you refer a friend, family member, or colleague who contracts a build with us, we gift you this service complimentary. It is our way of saying thank you for trusting us.


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