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Common Client Conversations

Two of the most responses we get from our clients are…

"Wow this turned out so much better than I had imagined!"

As Trailscape has grown I am not in the field as often building trails. My time is spent doing more of the backend work, but I try to be sure to have a dedicated conversation with my clients at the beginning and the end of the trail process.

In the beginning I often boldly state something like, “whatever you picture your trail to be, it will always end up better.” I know that sounds confident, however it never fails that when I come back to visit with the client at the end of the project I hear them say,”Wow! This turned out even better than I had imagined!” And that always makes me smile.

"I wish we had done this years ago."

That is the second most common comment I hear over and over from clients. My personal enthusiasm for what we do has not waned, I love to get out in nature. Even more, I love the work we do to encourage others to do the same. I love the wow of it, the wonder of the things that surround me both small and grand. I notice the cycle of life, death, then to nutrients that support life. I notice the way the plants struggle for life and then create beauty. My mind then goes to the logic of design: The designer is always greater than the designed and I consider the greatness of God.

Then, with my hands and feet in the dirt I am filled with a sense of joy that we are providing the means to invite people, families, children, into nature and this beautiful place.


Ready to build a trail on your property? Or add on to your existing trail?

Although the holidays can be a hectic time of year, I encourage you to think about the legacy you are leaving behind for your loved ones. Now is the best time to consider building a trail to get back out in nature, explore, exercise, breathe, and spend time with your family creating memories around your property. Trails can double as effective firebreaks thus protecting what you love from the devastating impact of fire. If you want to get a preliminary plan and estimate for a new or existing trail please contact us here, give us a call, or send us an email.

We hope the new year brings many blessings to you and yours.

Randy Martin Expert & Exclusive California Trail Builder 300+ Miles of Trails Designed and Constructed for Private Land Owners


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