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Impassible to Inspiring

Be sure to check out the transformation 'before and after' photos below!

Impassible Land

What was once an impassable piece of land is now a beautiful and inspiring trail. The trail intertwines with high traffic areas of the stunning property and is visible from a variety of vantage points.

This property is located at the top of a mountain composed of granite bedrock and very little soil. After further surveying were granite ledges that were up to 5 feet tall, and directly in the pathway of the trail. We knew the job wouldn’t be easy, but we welcome a challenge because we see them as a new opportunities.

Our clients frequently ask how we can make such dramatic changes to a landscape. It's because of our expert crews and specialized equipment. In our arsenal of tools we have jack hammers for breaking rock as well as small percussion charges. We cut through rock with these tools. It is a time-consuming process, but the end result is worth the wait. In this case, the jack hammer was ineffective and too strong on the granite. Percussion charges proved to be the superior tool in this terrain.

To get through the granite one crewman could work in front of the machine breaking the big rock. The machine could then move the smaller pieces around. Thus, be able to make our way through the rock.

As we mentioned another element of this build was the minimal amount of soil available to use as trail tread. We decided to import material to make the trail surface. We used our motorized wheelbarrow to transport over 100 tons of material to the site. The soil was spread before being compacted with a plate compactor.

When choosing the soil we were striving to blend the trail with the natural look of the carefully landscaped property. We used flagstone to create a barrier between the two surfaces where the trail intersected with more prominent points of the property, such as the driveway.

Everyone is pleased with the finished trail after twelve weeks of hard work and blasting. Its composition was a challenge, but we learned, adapted, and created a trail that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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