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The Evolution of Camping: Exploring the Benefits of Glamping

A quick Google search on glamping will produce a plethora of results. You will find everything from destinations, information, rentals, accommodations and more. As more and more people are getting back out into nature, this glamping experience is becoming a very popular way to be outside and have some comforts of home. In this blog post we're going to share with you how you may want to create this in your own backyard!

A trail in the woods leading to a structure on a platform, often referred to as "glamping."




  1. a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping:

"glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life's luxuries"

Put simply glamping is what you get when you put the word glamorous and camping together. According to this article from the Smoky Mountains National Park, "Interestingly, the travel-oriented word “motel” was also devised as a portmanteau from the words “motor” and “hotel” to describe a more inexpensive type of lodging meant for those traveling longer distances by car. Those in the travel industry had a need back then for a name to describe that type of lodging, to differentiate their newer lodgings from more expensive, amenities-packed hotels, and thus the word motel was forged." The whole concept around glamping is also similar to what Airbnb and Vrbo did for upgrading the hotel experience.

Benefits of Glamping

In our research we came across this great article about the added health benefits of glamping. "From connecting with nature to reducing stress levels, glamping offers a unique and refreshing experience that can enhance your overall well-being."

Glamping is for anyone and everyone who enjoys the outdoors, but does not enjoy digging a hole to use the bathroom. It's for people who would prefer to experience the outdoors in a unique way versus a traditional rental. This style of accommodation can range anywhere from a simple platform to pitch your own tent on....

Simple platform built for a tent. This structure helps to keep the occupants dry and off the uneven ground. a site with running water, a bed with cozy pillows, and a small kitchen for cooking. Some glamp sites will even provide you with food and drinks for an additional culinary experience.

Couple dining outside of their glampsite.

Regardless of what style of glamping you are looking for there are a few trusted resources for booking your trip. Check out Glampinghub, Hipcamp, and RVShare. And if you're looking for more details on what to pack for your adventure, or some of the top places to check out this article from KÜHL.

However, for those of you who may have property you may want to consider adding this to your land. As you know, Trailscape is a professional trail building business. We have built trails at ski resorts, on a private 44 acre vineyard in Sonoma, and everything in between. So it is only natural that we offer an upgraded trail experience in a way where homeowners can not only access their land, but also enjoy it in a new and meaningful way.

We offer custom design and construction services for private campsite retreats, glamping, platforms for tents, yurts and more…

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