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The Power of the Outdoors and Music: How Singing in Nature Boosts our Well-being

Did you know that being outside can have a positive effect on your overall health? Numerous studies show that nature offers cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits. Additionally, research indicates that singing is good for your body and mind. In this blog post, we delve into the power of nature and music, and how singing in nature may enhance your well-being.

Trailscape owner, Randy Martin, walking on his private trail in California.

As we all know, being outdoors has a slew of positive impacts. A quick Google search on this topic will bring up loads of studies, evidence, and articles. In conducting my own research, I found this great article by UC Davis highlighting 3 ways getting outside into nature helps improve your health. It includes outdoor exercise ideas, feel-good adventures, and resources. In addition, we wrote about six unique benefits of trail walking on our blog.

The whole reason I got into trail building is my passion for the outdoors and wanting to marry my clients back to their land. I want them to experience their property and take advantage of all of its healing properties. I truly believe there is a peace, health, wealth, and relationship that comes from our Creator through nature.

Throughout my career, I have taken a deep dive into how I can enhance the overall impact of being outdoors. It is through this journey that I decided to take singing lessons. I never had the intention of doing much with it other than using it to uplift my heart. I have found that if I’ve been feeling anxious, it seems to melt that anxiety away. Since I couldn't really carry a tune I thought lessons would help me to find an inner voice that was begging to come out.

Since taking lessons, I have had some wonderful experiences and have felt they had been well worth the time, energy, and money. One such time was right before Christmas when I lead impromptu Christmas carols using YouTube karaoke songs as a guide. This made for a rich evening full of memories with family and friends.

I’ve also found that I’m more comfortable, just walking down the sidewalk singing. What's funny is my younger self would have stopped when I approached a stranger, but the older version of myself just keeps on going! Last month, I was on Balboa Island singing a song from the  Loggins and Messina Finale album.  I came around the corner singing:

"He will be like she and me, as free as a dove

Conceived in love

Sun is gonna shine above

And even though we ain't got money

I'm so in love with you, honey

And everything will bring a chain of love..."

(And how many of you just finished off that tune with the classic chorus? And now have Danny's Song stuck in your head?) Well as I rounded the corner, I heard three people begin singing along from their porch! Again, the younger me would have turned red and ran, but the older me stopped and sang for a few bars! Wouldn't you know it generated a few grins!

Randy Martin, owner of Trailscape, out on the trail pausing to enjoy and soak up his surroundings.

Benefits of Singing in Nature to Boost Well-being

All of this got me thinking, there couldn't be a better place to sing than on the trail, especially your own private trail! Of course, after coming to this epiphany I began doing research on the benefits of singing. Healthline wrote an informative article that states singing can:

  • relieves stress

  • stimulate immune response

  • increase pain threshold

  • improve lung function

  • develop the sense of belonging

  • enhance memory

  • help with grief

  • improve mental health and mood

  • improve speaking abilities.

Knowing all of that, I'm adding singing as one of the five free daily actions that are good for a man like me:

1. Two minute cold plunge

2. Walking barefoot for “grounding” outdoors

3 Taking 30 deep breaths, with a 30 second hold, three times

4. Getting up early for the rays of sunshine in my eyes. 

And now...

5. Sing! Sing! Sing!

What I know is that a private trail offers landowners to fully experience, engage, and connect with nature. Not only do private trails let you fully enjoy nature, but add in singing and they can also work magic on your mind, body, and soul thus illuminating the power of singing in nature to boost your well-being.Get ready to feel those good vibes!

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