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The Story Behind Trailscape

Running and mountain biking have been a passion of mine for about 40 years. I began the trail building business with that passion and an idea which started back in my construction and development days. I was working with a firm who had an active adult community development project. And wouldn’t you know that next to that community there was 1000 acres of undevelopable Land.

I proposed to design and build a quality trail system for the residents to enjoy. No need to have a beautiful piece of property sitting unused. Instead, I wanted to build something that would complement and enhance the environment. Out of that proposition, came a study which indicated trails are the low cost high value amenity.

From there, I took the idea of building long lasting and environmentally friendly trails to private landowners. The concept took off and we knew we needed a business name as well as a logo. I came home one day and was talking with my family when we landed on the name Trailscape...and of course, it will come at no surprise that our logo was inspired by a perfect ride. Here's our story:

And, the rest is history! To date, Trailscape has designed and constructed over 300 miles of trails! While Trailscape primarily caters to private residences, we have built trails for ski areas, homeowners association‘s, wineries, and more! We also build trails specifically used as firebreaks for many land owners as well as pump tracks for avid bikers. In addition, we offer full maintenance trail services which allow our trails to become family legacies for generations.

Randy Martin

Expert & Exclusive California Trailbuilder

300+ Miles of Trails Designed and Constructed for Private Land Owners


CONTACT: | (530) 852-5155


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